The People and Story Behind EdwardsSchoen

How It Started

Founders Aaron Edwards and Jeremy Schoen met in the hallowed halls of higher education marketing in the early 2000s, working on execution and strategies for clients all over the map. In 2017, they decided to combine their powers, Captain Planet-style, and form a boutique marketing agency: EdwardsSchoen. 

They created ES with a simple mission in mind: to meet the needs of their clients by building a company that married large agency experience with small agency nimbleness and oversight. In short, they love what they do and want to ensure the mutual success of their clients, employees and the industry at large.

How It’s Going

Situated in the heart of Kansas City, Land of Barbecue, Jazz, and Chiefs Football, ES now works with clients across the U.S. on everything from marketing planning and execution to training and performance, consulting to research opportunities. Our focus is on aligning your goals and strategies to a dynamic, ever-changing marketplace. We work hard, adapt quickly, and make it a point of pride to deliver tangible results.

EdwardsSchoen in the Wild