Establishing Connections That Convert 

It starts with that initial inquiry, that spark of interest. But if you don’t have an effective lead nurturing strategy in place, that first contact could also be the last. An overwhelming percentage of customers who reach out to you won’t be ready to make a decision right away, and it’s on you to continue reaching out to them, creating a conversation that can eventually turn into a conversion. Lead nurturing can also help build brand loyalty, consumer confidence, and retention.  

As your digital media agency, ES will audit all current nurturing efforts and journey maps and present our findings and recommendations, with a focus on improving existing audiences, creating new audiences, establishing cadence strategy, outlining programmatic considerations, and assessing testing strategies. We will then: 

  • Design a range of HTML templates, including thematic/holiday templates, A/B testing templates based on shared data (open rates, conversions, etc.), important dates 
  • Create content focused on core areas, like USPs, specific timing and events, and messaging/insights from key stakeholders 

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