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Search engine optimization is the linchpin to a successful website presence. After all, you can’t connect with people who can’t find you. At ES, we get down into the details of SEO, ensuring that every aspect of your site is optimized, including updating title tag and meta descriptions, implementing XML sitemaps, cleaning up redundant code, and doing deep-dive keyword research to fuel our content recommendations.

We utilize a skilled team to combine user experience, technical functionality, content, and conversion rate optimization in order to grow traffic and meet a project’s needs and goals. It’s not just about whether your site looks new and shiny – it’s about how it’s performing, ranking, and converting.

Website Management

We take a “bottom-up” approach, performing a full website audit and prioritizing a strong technical foundation first, followed by:

  • Optimizing for speed and performance
  • Building organic traffic
  • Identifying, targeting, and optimizing for keywords
  • Measuring user interactions and enhancing user experience
  • Implementing data-based testing plans
  • Auditing existing backlinks, removing harmful ones, and identifying new opportunities

Conversion Rate Optimization

We subscribe to the motto: “Always be testing.” At least one test should always be running, depending on what’s being tested. Using our Experience Optimization Platform, we make the most out of every element on your site by leveraging metrics like:

  • User experience data
  • Tracking script implementation
  • Heat mapping
  • Click mapping
  • Session recording
  • Real-time conversion funnel activity
  • Quick form and live chat positioning

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