Increase Your Leads. Enhance Your Impact.

It seems like a simple enough equation …

  • People are looking for higher education to better their lives.
  • You have just the kinds of programs they need.
  • And the digital landscape has made it easier than ever to connect.

Recruitment and marketing should be a breeze, right?

So why is lead generation still a struggle?
Why do your performance goals continue to elude you?
Why do you find yourself wasting hours of precious time staring at social media platforms and squiggles on analytics charts instead of getting to focus on enrolling, supporting, and developing your students?

The truth is, there is a lot (seriously, a lot) of noise out there, and trying to master all the aspects of digital marketing to reach high-quality prospective students takes time, expertise, and resources that you might not have to spare.

You Need a Higher Education Marketing Agency Who Knows How to Take Your Goals and Run with Them

You Need a Partner!

If you’ve tried to manage your own enrollment marketing campaign in the past, you’re probably well aware of how often and how quickly things in the digital advertising sphere can change. It can be impossible to know where to prioritize your budget, what kind of channel mix fits your unique goals, and how to create real connections with students who want what your school has to offer.

As a higher education marketing agency, EdwardsSchoen prioritizes two key things:

  1. Understanding your ideal students, the ones who will make it from enrollment to graduation
  2. Utilizing accurate, real-time data behind all of our decision-making and campaign-building

Your school is not like any other school. Your unique selling points (USPs) are particular to you. That’s why we start every new partnership with an extensive analysis of your markets, programs, demographics, competition, and previous campaigns.

The data game is everything in marketing these days — big data, small data, analytics, statistics, and, subsequently, being able to draw creative, actionable insights from all of these pieces. But more than that, at ES, we go one step further than the numbers to create a story that will resonate with your target audience.

Digital Marketing

Outside the Box

No digital media services agency can deliver a single magic bullet that will help every client achieve their perfect performance metrics, and honestly, you shouldn’t want that for yourself either. You deserve campaigns and action items that are individualized to you.

We’re a boutique agency with large-agency experience.

Founders Aaron Edwards and Jeremy Schoen have built their careers in higher education marketing and have assembled a team of professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience.

It’s all about nimbleness and hard work.

Our whole higher education marketing agency was designed to be dynamic and flexible, quick to respond to our partners’ questions and concerns. As a team, we share a “grind” mentality that means we do whatever it takes to innovate, support, and guide our clients.

You believe you deserve to know where your money is going; so do we.

Accountability and transparency are key pillars of the ES philosophy. We prioritize regular check-ins, easy-to-digest reporting features, and shared dashboards, so you can easily see how we’re optimizing your budget and hitting your goals.

We’re making our connections work for you.

We’re a Google Premier Partner, a Meta Marketing Partner, and a Microsoft Advertising Partner, as well as a partner of CSPEN, MAACS, FAPSC, ACCET, CAPPS, ABHES, and CECU.

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