Getting the Most Out of Your Content in the Modern Media Landscape

To some degree in today’s world, you are synonymous with the content you produce. But not all content is created equal, and just churning out mass quantities of it won’t get you the results you’re looking for. You need to partner with a content marketing agency that can take a holistic view of what you currently have, what’s performing versus what’s not, and how to shift your strategy to maximize your visibility. We have experience with blogs, research topics, ebook creation, in-depth interviews, employer partnerships, press releases, and more.

At ES, we believe that an ongoing investment in the content both on your site, as well as other digital platforms and assets, is a foundational component to your overall strategy. We will:

  • Perform a content audit to understand and identify content that is and is not helping your overall goals
  • Remove or repurpose content that is not currently providing value
  • Perform multiple rounds of keyword research to identify topics and targets that can be integrated into existing content
  • Create new content that adheres to Google’s EAT guidelines that targets prioritized keywords
  • Assess and reassess content performance on a regular basis so that only effective content is kept and replicated

Whether you want us to manage all aspects of content development or partner with existing liaisons, we make sure to keep content performance a fixture in our strategy and plans.

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