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We’re a long way from the Mad Men days of marketing, and being a successful advertising agency is less about catchy jingles and more about being nimble, adaptable, and tuned into today’s media landscape. It’s about knowing how to strategize, how to create and make the most of sales funnels, how to figure out where an organization’s audience is and meet them there. 

EdwardsSchoen is a digital media-focused boutique marketing agency that creates bespoke advertising solutions for each of our partners based on reams of data and dozens of unique variables. We’re a one-stop shop that never delivers cookie-cutter strategies.  

We specialize in industries like: 

Digital Marketing

Outside the Box

No digital media services agency can deliver a single magic bullet that will help every client achieve their perfect performance metrics, and honestly, you shouldn’t want that for yourself either. You deserve campaigns and action items that are individualized to you.

We’re a boutique agency with large-agency experience.

Founders Aaron Edwards and Jeremy Schoen have built their careers in higher education marketing and have assembled a team of professionals with a combined 100+ years of experience.

It’s all about nimbleness and hard work.

Our whole higher education marketing agency was designed to be dynamic and flexible, quick to respond to our partners’ questions and concerns. As a team, we share a “grind” mentality that means we do whatever it takes to innovate, support, and guide our clients.

You believe you deserve to know where your money is going; so do we.

Accountability and transparency are key pillars of the ES philosophy. We prioritize regular check-ins, easy-to-digest reporting features, and shared dashboards, so you can easily see how we’re optimizing your budget and hitting your goals.

We’re making our connections work for you.

We’re a Google Premier Partner, a Meta Marketing Partner, and a Microsoft Advertising Partner, as well as a partner of CSPEN, MAACS, FAPSC, ACCET, CAPPS, ABHES, and CECU.

Drive Traffic. Build Your Brand. Exceed Your Expectations. 

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You deserve a true partner in digital marketing, 
one who treats your goals as seriously as you do, and we’re ready to do the work. 

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