September 18, 2018


At EdwardsSchoen, the goal of our research is to provide organizational leadership teams with unbiased data and insights to effectively align their institution with the needs of the students and employers they serve. We accomplish this goal by conducting the necessary research, agreed upon by a scope of work, to provide precisely what is needed to evaluate your specific situation and desired deliverables.  With the ES approach to research, you get exactly what you need in detailed insights and explanations of findings.

Our research covers the full spectrum of the education lifecycle; from initial insights into prospective students to aligning programs with an understanding of employer needs based on career demand and outlook.  In short, our aim is to ensure that you are armed with the insights and data necessary to proactively meet the needs of today’s careers as well as tomorrow’s.

Full research capabilities include:

Institutional Alignment Research

  • Program Viability Assessment: Determine potential programs that are aligned with the market demand by using a scorecard of likelihood for success
  • Market Assessment: Analyze market conditions of unemployment, population growth, age, income, education level, etc.
  • Market Place Job Demand: 10-year outlook and previous 12 months of job postings
  • Skills Assessment: Necessary skills for a career and program fit
  • Location Assessment: Your location compared to enrollments and competition
  • New Location Assessment: Evaluate options for a new campus based on transportation, potential employers, potential students, and cost
  • Tuition Assessment: Cost and outcomes of competitive programs

Enrollment Marketing Research

  • Competitive Assessment: Analyze comparative performance, messaging and programs
  • Marketing Audit: Analyze current marketing efforts
  • Student Segmentation Assessment: Analysis of enrollments as it relates to your targeting efforts and identify gaps

Employer Partnership Evaluation

  • Employer Placement Assessment: Identify potential employers for new or existing programs

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Research Case Study and Testimonial:

“In a period of rebirth, our schools have had to undergo an intense investigation of the programs we offer, the markets we serve, and the direction of our campuses for the next ten years.  This investigation has gone beyond just looking at what programs and courses our faculty want to teach and even what skills our employers and advisory committees suggest.  Indeed, we have had to be open to completely re-imagining our programs, our marketplaces, and our brand to remain relevant.

To start this investigation, we hired EdwardsSchoen to conduct a robust investigation into the markets we serve.  The approach the team took was to investigate the demographics of our students and the metropolitan areas where our schools reside, as well as researching the top employers and workforce needs within the cities we serve.  The ES team then compared the job needs and employers with the programs we offered, as well as programs that we did not currently offer.  The resulting report provided a clear prioritized ranking of the programs that we should be teaching.  This resulted in us adopting a series of new programs in several of our schools, changing the focus and veneer of other programs, and teaching some programs out.  The EdwardsSchoen report even led us to the conclusion that we should close one of our 18 schools because of the infertile market in which it resided—and we would never have come to that difficult conclusion without their well-researched, objective guidance.

We have made leadership changes, shifted in program focus, and changed our footprint in some areas because of the objective, deep dive into our markets provided by the EdwardsSchoen team.  Furthermore, the report format takes the form of market research that is ready for delivery within accreditation program proposals.  We feel confident that our school system will be stronger because of the EdwardsSchoen research and reporting.  We feel prepared for the coming decade of growth much in part because of their team’s intense, objective research.”

Dr. Joel A. English
Vice President of Operations
Centura College
Aviation Institute of Maintenance
Tidewater Tech

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